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Luisa Kraft

Bonjour. I´m a writer, a singer and a visual artist. I´m an explorer of raw & untamed works of art. I connect the truth of creativity with the depth of astrology, both timeless languages of the Heart. I love forests, books, trainrides and food. I adore the Sun. I´m friends with the Moon.

Academia. At Freie Universität, I did my BA in Anthropology, my MA in Literature. I speak German, French, English & Spanish. For my Masters Thesis I analysed the different layers of expression in two Spanish poems. These poems can be read as self-portraits of the poets and as illustrations of the artist-magician. In another way they´re love poems. The authors are Spanish poets of the 20th century, Luis Cernuda & Nobel prize laureate Vicente Aleixandre from Andalusia.

Sound. I´ve been a member of two classical choirs & two folkbands from age 12 until age 27. With these ensembles I´ve given many concerts in places like Bali Kino, UdK & many churches. We did several professional recordings. At Konzerthaus Berlin, I was part of vocal group & solo performances of experimental music.

Work. My work experience includes teaching language classes for children and young adults as well as being an assistant in a Rudolf Steiner kindergarden. While studying, I worked in the service department of organic foodstores & natural cosmetic shops. Later, I did Event Management for markets as well as for private & local political events with up to 1.ooo guests, including PR. I´ve been doing Human Resource Management as well, creating work schedules for teams up to 8o people and supervising them. I was part of organizing market events with >1.ooo visitors.

Astrology. With my self-taught astrological knowledge, I´ve been giving private readings professionally since 2013. The same year, I created my website. From 2014 to 2017, I published a monthly Full Moon Blog on my page that gave suggestions and inspiration about how to take advantage of the astrology of the different moon phases and other celestial facts. I created an event that combined a guided meditation with a DIY astrology class in 2016. In January 2017, I opened Sternenpraxis, a peaceful place where I offer my private astrology sessions.

Writing. I´m the author of the monthly Full Moon Blog that was published on my website from 2014 to 2017, in which I discussed the global cosmic energies in a playful, creative, yet down to earth way. The fact that more than 1.ooo people followed my blog is a powerful confirmation for me. Writing poetry and other texts as well as journaling has always been part of my life. At different locations, I read my poems on stage.

Events. In January 2017, I gave my first public introduction to astrology, followed by a presentation of the astrological themes of the year in front of >30 guests. From 2016 to 2017, I hosted a series of bi-monthly events about the Moon Cycles. In these Moon Rituals, I created a ceremonial atmosphere, starting with a one-hour-astrology class about the current Full Moon or New Moon Vibes & the cosmic weather. I guided a special meditation to let my guests meet their inner source. The event transformed my guests´ everyday mindset into a peaceful, warmhearted & creative energy. I´m happy that many of my guests got very interested in working with astrology for their own growth, healing and creativity.


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