Landing time

Welcome to the last Full Moon of the Year!
Time to celebrate endings. With love, with gratefulness, with an open Heart.

This Sundays Full Moon in Virgo invites us to become physically strong, to focus on being grounded, make some effort and really do everything we can on a physical level to be our best selves, to be healthy, to be present, to be sober.

This invitation is helpful because we are in a phase of intense Pisces energy.

The Sun is in Pisces – the dreamer, the healer – and also Neptune, Chiron and Mercury.
The dreaming, loving, escapist and blurry part of ouselves is extremely highlighted now.
We need this high dose of Virgo energy that the Full Moon brings to understand how important it is that we come back to earth.

We need to land.
We need to reconnect to our bodies´ needs.
We need to realign with out life purpose, and with our daily life´s needs.
We need to become effective, focused, clear and straight in our minds again.

This Full Moon wants us to respect our healing abilities and our artistic resources.
That´s why it sends us this message: “Get your work done” –

So that we can bring our supersensitive gifts to the 3 D reality.

It wants us to realize how precious we are and how huge the source is that we draw upon for doing our work. The Source is endless. The Source is always at our disposal.
The Source is nonmaterial, just like we are.

Virgo energy wants us to feel the connection to Spirit and use this connection to be of service.

Being of service only works if we are starting to heal ourselves. We need to check in with our own Heart, our own history, our own body before we can do healing work for others.

We need to see our wounds before we can be authentic light workers.

This message is even more important since we have Plutos energy involved. Pluto & the Full Moon are connecting in a harmonious angle.

Pluto energy is healing wisdom itself. Pluto in our Birth chart is showing us what kind of transformational work we are going to do to transform our wounds. It shows us where our hidden power lies. It makes us understand that we are full of resources of all kinds if we respect our story and our wounds and take them as catalysts to grow and heal.

When Pluto is integrated, we are authentic, strong, loving and very aliged with our power. We are strong beyond measure. We are connected to our deepest source, aware of our bright light and connected to the power of our ancestors.

The integration of our Pluto energy is happening through life-long processes of feeling into our deepest emotions, of going through the toughest pain, of working with our fears, wounds and intricate relationships and also doing research about our past and our ancestors history.

Pluto work is deep, challenging and very rewarding. Nothing for people who look for a fast reward. It takes time, lots of energy, most likely lots of tears, dreams, words, experiences of powerlessness, shame, guilt, and anger. There is a lot of work, and there is a lot of pure gold waiting for us in this work.

So when the Full Moon in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn are meeting in this cooperating way of a 30 degree angle in the sky, we are encouraged in a powerful way to work with our wounds, become strong by feeling into what wants to be healed and by focusing on our practical options on this path.

A lot of gold can be gained when we take this invitation seriously.

The year of 2017 holds many challenges a.k.a. many blessings.

Throughout the whole year, we´ll have a tension playing out between Chiron, our wounded healer, and Saturn, our inner authority. We need to work with our wounds to get through this year, and we are asked to do that because our life needs us strong and whole.

The world needs us strong and whole.

If we are ready and accept the Full Moons invitation to grow, to heal, to get physical on our way in order to become more reliable, more effectively of service, more present for our own needs and the needs of our clients and friends, then we really take on the first step of this year´s growth cycle.

Growth through healing, grounded and compassionate. Essentials for all of us.

So please take the gift of this Virgo Full Moon, allow yourself to make happen what needs to happen in your life right now so that you become taller, brighter, more radiant and grounded.

Allow yourself to actually take the next step on your path of healing your Heart, growing your Heart muscle and becoming an authentic healer of your own needs, wounds, insecurities. Being your own best mother and father.

With Virgo, there is a strong sense of physical transformation in terms of detoxing, respecting your sensitivity to drugs like sugar, alcohol, caffeine, gluten, carbohydrates, nightshades and other `heavy` ingredients.

This is a good time to focus on your physical needs and take seriously what your body says. On a physical level, Virgo is represented by our digestive system. Maybe you realize what food / chemical is tearing you down. I definitely encourage you to listen to your body and experiment with new styles of nutrition. Pure energy. Non toxic energy.

This is a time of letting go of all kinds of addictions, including addictive behaviour that is ruled by past wounds, and of thinking you are powerless. OVER. DONE. Not needed anymore.

You, being happy.
You, being self-caring, self-loving.
You, healing your body, with food, movement, love, attention, discipline.
You, healing your life with love, discipline, prayer, movement, art, rituals.
You, healing your work / work place with focus, clarity, awareness & honesty.

You, stepping up to the challenge of being a sensitive person in this world.
You, doing everything you can to support your own growth, healing and success.

So be it.
Sending you hugs and love for your process!

Xxx Luisa

* Sunday Full Moon Ritual *

This is the last full Moon of the old year.

On March 20 we have a New Year beginning with the ingress of the Sun in the Spring Sign of Aries. So this Full Moon is a big lovely invitation to shed old skins and empty out everything that is not serving our present happiness.

Full Moon Vibes are intense and magical, they are like a huge wave that can take with it everything that we consciously & lovingly let go.

Take some time to sit down with your journal or some sheets of paper. Let yourself be shown the things you want to leave behind now. Write down everything that comes to your mind, images, feelings, relationship patterns, addictive / wounded behaviour that has an influence on your present life.

It can be one thing but most likely you ´ll be surprised at how much it is. Take your time, enjoy the feeling of it all flowing away, leaving your system already in the process of writing.

With this, you are creating space in your Heart, like your Heart is being transformed, turned around, being born another time.

When you ´re done writing, leave the paper, get up and take some breaths at the window or outdoors. Let the shift of energy happen.

Get back to your paper knowing that the transformation is done. You are free.

Feel the new space that has just entered your life and allow it to settle in. Maybe you want to write down what you want to welcome now. This is good to refocus on the manifesting part of your life.

And then allow it all to process by drinking energized water, tea, by doing stretches, listening to music, sleeping, walking around … ❤

Sending u lots f Light and heart growing Space ❤


Meeresrauschen im Herz

Tief und weit. Lautlos, blaugrün. Hier in diesem endlosen Ozean, wo alles ganz leise und verzaubert ist, wohnen wir heute. Vollmond in den Fischen ist Verbundenheit mit allem. Es ist ohne Worte. Es ist groß und fließt immer in unseren Adern und in unseren Lungen und unseren Träumen und Erinnerungen.

Es ist keine Zeit, um viel zu erzählen, sondern um nur zu unterstreichen, was Frau Mond flüstert: Be open to this! Listen to me! Hear my song, I´m singin for you!

Sie leuchtet gold und majestätisch heute. Und alles, was ich sagen möchte ist: Ich möchte nichts sagen. Ich saß am Schreibtisch mit dem Vorhaben, den Blog zu schreiben, und wie so oft sagt Körper an, was jetzt wichtig ist. Ich malte. Geduldig, in feinen Linien und Punkten. Pink und lila. Vertieft und zufrieden.

Wenn wir Delfine wären, würde ich Euch jetzt mit ein paar Klickgeräuschen die Bilder schicken, die ich meine, die das zeigen, was diesen Vollmond ausmacht. Verträumte, ein bisschen unscharfe Bilder mit viel silbrigem Licht und viel Blau, viel Regenbogenpunkten und goldenem Sonnenlicht von oben. Lautlose Bewegung, endlos viel Raum. Dreaminess. Weich.

Die Fische bitten uns in ihrer wortlosen, aber liebevollen Art, hineinzusteigen und mitzuschwimmen. In die Bilder, in die Gefühle, in die Träume. In die Musik, die Töne, die Gerüche und Farben.

Alles Wasser, alles Baden, Duschen und Waschen und Planschen und Tauchen ist jetzt pure Heilung. Die Fische sind wie ein Meer zum Ausprobieren. Wenn der Mond in den Fischen steht, ist es als würde man uns eine Zeit des intensiven Träumens und Abtauchens schenken. Es ist genau richtig.

Vielleicht merkt man dann, dass das Träumen und Tauchen im Leben zu wenig Raum hat und entscheidet sich, etwas Neues, Traumsupportendes zu tun. Fürs Herz, diese Superheldin. Oder man räumt auf mit den Gewohnheiten. Das ist auf jeden Fall die Meinung von Merkur, der seit Anfang September rückwärts geht. Es ist die perfekte Zeit für Bestandsaufnahmen, Sortieren, Umräumen, Ausmisten, Nachdenken, in Ruhe die alte Ordnung durchgehen, um zu sehen, ob sie noch passt. Vielleicht wollen die Gewürze neu sortiert und umgeräumt werden, oder das innere Regal mit den schönsten Erinnerungen oder einfach die Steuererklärungen, Lieblingsbücher, oder der Schrank im Badezimmer. Vielleicht aber auch: die Familie, eine Freundschaft, die Arbeit, die Liebe. Es kann alles sein.

Mit diesem doch sehr kraftintensiven Himmel, in dem Mars (Körper, Wut, Tatkraft) in gespannter Beziehung zum Mond (Zartheit, Kindlichkeit, Geborgenheitswunsch) steht, kann es sein, dass wir uns zu irgendwas gezwungen oder irgendwie etwas verzerrt fühlen. Kann vorbei gehen. Die Fischeweisheit erinnert uns: Fließen lassen. Nicht aufregen. Geht vorbei. Oder man unterstützt den Abfluss des Unangenehmen mit einer Dusche, einer Runde Schwimmen oder Musik, Malen, Schlafen. Schlafen ist supergut.

Mit diesem Vollmond ist es, als würden wir mit schlafwandlerisch präzisem Herzfokus auf unser Leben schauen und testen, ganz ohne Worte und Gedanken, was jetzt gerade freundlich verabschiedet werden kann und was jetzt gerade erfüllend reich, warm, weit und schön ist und uns mühelos trägt.

Lasst Euch tragen, es ist pure Freude und es ist für alle: endlos und reich, weit und frei.

Grandmother Moon is with you,

und ich winke mit ihr zusammen zu Euch rüber:

macht es Euch so schön es überhaupt nur geht! Es gibt so viel Platz!

Mit tiefer ozeangrünblauer Schönheit für Euch