Big Love knows the way

Welcome to the energy of Cancer: Love. Big Love. Biggest Love.

Feeling so much love that you almost want to do crazy things and most of us sometimes DO them. Cancer is such a big bubble of Love that it sometimes doesn´t know how to do it all.

Cancer loves so hard that it wants to protect its loved ones, keep them self „safely“ inside the famous comfort zone. Cancer feels so attached to what it loves that it needs some reminders to breathe and take a step back, especially when there is a full moon in this extremely loving, emotional, motherly sign. This much needed energy is Capricorn: The Master of Patience, knowing how to make big things out of countless little steady steps, being slow and organized, not freaking out, just walking its way without even saying a word about it.

When the Moon is full, the Sun stands across from it in the sky: in Capricorn. The emotions that get highlighted today and this week may have to do with home (Cancer place), family (same) or our work & goals (Capricorn territory). It may very well be that we realize in which position between these places we are right now and that we clearly accept to see what about it needs to shift. We allow our reality to convince us of what is necessary now. There is no more arguing about it. Our Moon is making it clear.

There is more happening in the sky than just this Moon / Sun Opposition: We have a royal big reunion of very strong planets in strong signs. A.k.a. TENSION. INTENSITY. SUPERSTRONG EMOTIONS.
It´s called a grand cardinal cross, a square-formed constellation between Jupiter in Libra (our need for expansion through relationships), Uranus in Aries (our urgent need for freedom), Sun in Capricorn (our very focused willpower) and Moon in Cancer (our soft & deep heart). All of this together: What a Party!

Another melody is singing to our hearts from a very sweet constellation that makes us feel BIG COSMIC LOVE these days: Venus is meeting Neptune in Pisces. That is a very warm, inspired and soft energy. We can access it best when we take care of our bodies and emotions, so that we won´t feel too full moon crazy or emotionally over the top. Then we can have fun singing, meeting Nature and feeling connected, writing poetry, sharing Love with lovely people in our lives and just be all the good things we are.

I wish us all to feel & express everything that is there and / or allow it to be transformed into something light, softer and wiser.
We get a new chance to be born again every single day by every single emotion and experience we have, always supported by all the universe.

So let´s be part of this special moment in time, celebrating our hearts, allowing tears to flow, realizations to happen and sleep to metabolize everything, let´s allow joy about all our transformational processes and LOVE to connect to ourselves and everything, much needed in these times.

Sending so much Love and Full Moon Light to you



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